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Aluminium Anodes

Aluminium alloy anodes can be used for the protection of storage tanks and are frequently installed on ship hulls and jetties. They also have a particular use in the protection of sub sea pipelines, oilrigs and semi submersibles.

The electrochemical performance of aluminum makes it an attractive galvanic anode material, especially in low resistivity applications such as seawater. Compared to magnesium, aluminum's lower driving potential and high current capacity per pound make it an excellent choice for long life saline cathodic protection systems.

Composition and characteristics

Iron 0.13% max
Silicon 0.08 -0.2 %
Copper 0.006 % max
Zinc 2 – 6 %
Indium 0.01 – 0.02 %
Others 0.02 max
Aluminium Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05V (min)
Anode Capacity Ah/Kg 2550 (mini)

In addition to the standard compositions mentioned above, EPSIPL also manufactured to other compositions to suit the requirements of various sites and structures.

Types of Aluminium Anodes