Storage Tank Anodes

Manufacturers of Sacrificial Anodes
and Impressed Current System Anodes

Storage Tank Anodes

EPSIPL is one of the leading manufacturers of Sacrificial Anodes made out of Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium and Impressed Current System Anodes of High Silicon (Chromium) Iron Anode, Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes and Platinum coated Titanium Anodes and other Accessories required for Cathodic Protection System.

We also undertake cathodic protection for both Internal & External Tank bottom for above ground storage tanks on Turnkey Basis for both Impressed Current Method and Sacrificial Anodes Method.

Above ground storage tanks in hydrocarbon process plants which are located in aggressive soil at costal areas, are at a risk from bottom plate corrosion, due to formation of a galvanic corrosion cell between the tank bottom and the soil.

The traditional methods of passive barrier protection systems such as sand bitumen tank foundation pad or soil side paint/coating of the bottom plates cannot prevent corrosion.

Tank leakage due to corrosion poses significant threat for the safety of the plant equipment and personnel due to possibility of occurrences of the fire hazards, if the tank content is hazardous material. The replacement of bottom plate due to corrosion damage is also found to be costly.

In order to prevent corrosion on tank bottom we have all facilities for design, engineering, supply Testing & commissioning of CP System by qualified and experienced technocrats. A large volume of orders executed by us established our capability and confidence of our customers in us.

+ Survey, design and cathodic protection by impressed current and sacrificial anode systems on turnkey basis.
+ Erection, commissioning and maintenance of all type of cathodic protection system.
+ Survey and design of corrosion control systems for new projects
+ Maintenance of existing cathodic protection systems

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