Lead Alloy Anodes

used in the electrowinning and plating of metals
such as manganese, copper, nickel, and zinc.

Lead Alloy Anodes

Anodes made of Lead Alloys are used in the electrowinning and plating of metals such as manganese, copper, nickel, and zinc. Rolled lead-calcium-tin and lead-silver alloys are the preferred anode materials in these applications, because of their high resistance to corrosion in the sulfuric acid used in electrolytic solutions.

Lead Anodes also have high resistance to corrosion by seawater, making them economical to use in systems for the cathodic protection of ships and offshore rigs.

Lead, alloyed with 1-2 % silver and 6 % antimony is also used as an impressed current anode for seawater applications and operates at up to 24 V DC. The alloy naturally forms an insulating film of lead chloride when immersed in seawater, however this can be converted to a conducting layer of lead peroxide by operating the anodes at carefully controlled current densities.

Once the peroxide layer has formed it is capable of operating at current densities up to 200 A/m2.

Alloys containing 0.1 % silver and 0.01 % Tellurium form efficient anodes when small platinum bi-electrodes are inserted into the surface.The electrodes conduct the initial current and cause the peroxide layer to be formed at much higher current densities than with the conventional alloy. They also assist the reformation of the film if it current densities up to 200 A/m2.

The physical characteristics of lead alloy enable it to be cast into “plate” type anodes which reused where streamlining is required for ships and for other applications where space is restricted and water velocity may damage protruding anodes.

Characterizes of Lead Alloy

+ Lead is very soft and ductile and it is normally used commercially as Lead Alloys.
+ Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Copper, and Calcium are the most common alloying elements of Lead.
+ Lead Alloys used for shot contain up to Sb and (Arsenic) As; those used for bullet cores.
+ Lead Alloy is used for Wheel Balancing Weights.
+ The Lead Alloy used for Wheel Balancing Weights is a special configuration of Lead, Antimony and other metals.,

Characterizes of Lead Alloy Anodes

+ Production of complex shape anodes possible
+ Lead Anodes are widely used in electroplating process, electrolytic and anodizing.
+ In electroplating process an anode of the plating metal is immersed in a solution of a salt of that metal.
+ The most common use of the Anode is in battery.
+ The negative point of the battery is known as Anode.
+ Anode is also a part of electrolytic circuits.
+ Lead Anode is also used for Refining and Manganese Refinery.
+ Anodes are also used in traditional televisions and computer monitors that use cathode ray tubes.