Chromium Anodes

manufactured by two types are Single Headed
& Double Headed High Silicon Chromium Anodes

High Silicon Chromium Anodes

The High silicon iron anodes without chromium are for use in neutral soils & freshwater environments, content are for use in aggressive acidic 0r alkaline soils and seawater environments.

The consumption rate of High Silicon Chrome Cast Iron anodes has been found to be between 0.2 and 1.2 pounds per ampere-year. For anodes of the same chemistry and microstructure, variance in consumption is primarily due to the chemical and physical characteristics of the anode environment.

The consumption rate does not appear to be significantly affected by current density (amperes per unit area of anode surface). The use of coke breeze around the anode in soil ground beds will tend to lower the consumption rate. A generally accepted design guideline for anodes buried in coke breeze is 0.7 pounds per amp-year.

The High Silicon Chromium Anodes manufactured by two types:

+ Single Headed
+ Double Headed